Wastewater Experts on Call
About the service
  • A.T.E. HUBER Envirotech (AHET) has set up a panel of experts/subject matter specialists in the field of wastewater treatment, recycling, zero liquid discharge, sewage treatment, headworks, and sludge treatment.
  • These experts/subject matter specialists are available for consultations for any manufacturing unit having an ETP.
  • The consultation will be provided over a teleconference for up to one hour at a time.
  • The teleconference will be set up by AHET.
  • The first three consultations are free; if further consultations are needed, a nominal consultation charge per call will be applicable.
  • ETP users seeking consultation can fill up the online form to enable us to call you back.
The panel of experts
  • All experts on the panel of AHET are subject matter specialists in the field of wastewater treatment, recycling, zero liquid discharge, sewage treatment, headworks, and sludge treatment.
  • They have a background in chemical, bio-chemical, mechanical, and environmental engineering, with hands-on field experience of 25-40 years each.
  • They have worked in the field of wastewater treatment across industry segments viz., textile, pharmaceutical, chemicals, food, petrochemical, paper, power, etc.
  • The experts are bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and the information shared with them during consultation will not be shared outside AHET.
Why you might need this service?
  • Wastewater treatment is a highly complex subject.
  • The characteristics of raw wastewater keeps varying with changes in the manufacturing process or in the water input. Operating a wastewater treatment and recycling plant at an optimum level therefore often poses many challenges.
  • The wastewater treatment norms are increasingly becoming more stringent.
  • Wastewater management calls for thorough understanding and knowledge.
  • Any stop gap arrangement or any short term approach in managing the ETP may not work and may cause major damage in the future.
  • You may need hand holding by experts for the effective management of the ETP.
When do you need this service?
  • When you are facing frequent upsets in the wastewater treatment plant, etc., and you want to know the probable causes.
  • Your wastewater treatment operating cost is high and you want to know the probable options for reducing it.
  • You are looking for modifications/upgradation in your wastewater treatment and want a second opinion.
  • You anticipate changes in Government norms and want to know of technologies so as to be future ready.
  • You want to know of the latest technologies in the field.
  • Easy access to a qualified and experienced subject matter specialists.
    • Different experts for different subjects.
  • Quick recommendations through quick analysis by experts for probable causes.
  • Reduced technical risks.
  • Reduced ETP operating costs.
  • Higher level of compliance.
How it works
  • This service is governed by the terms and conditions of the “Terms of Use Agreement”. By agreeing to avail of this service, you agree to these terms and conditions.
  • Prepare and share with us the details of your plant and the problems you are facing or the subject you want to discuss.
  • Fill up the form below and click on the “Call me back” button. One of our executives will call you within one working day, to collect the information related to the problem or the subject you want to discuss.
  • You need to provide as much information as you can which will help us provide you with a well analysed solution.
  • Depending on the type of problem, a subject matter specialist will be assigned to you. The subject matter specialist will study all the information before getting into a call with you.
  • If the subject matter specialist needs any additional information, our executive will call you to collect such additional information.
  • Our executive will then set up a conference call between you and the subject matter specialist.

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