Micronutrients – BBM-1 and BBM-2

Micronutrients – BBM-1 and BBM-2

BBM-1 concentrate for anaerobic bioreactors is a ready-mix mineral complex provided to improve activity of anaerobic microorganisms. The minerals act as co-factors for enzymatic processes and boost microorganism metabolism.

BBM-2 tablets for aerobic and anaerobic bioreactors comprise a vitamin complex designed for improving the health and activity of microorganisms. The vitamins are required by bacteria for boosting cell multiplication and metabolism.

  • |
  • Improve anaerobic biomass activity
  • Achieve consistent COD reduction
  • Improve biogas production
  • Improve the overall system efficiency
  •   BBM-2 
  • Compatible for both aerobic and anaerobic systems
  • Can be used together with other products of BB series
  • Enhances biomass growth
  • Improves the biomass quality
  • Achieves consistent COD reduction
  • Improves system efficiency

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