Enzymes – BBE-1 and BBE-2

Enzymes – BBE-1 and BBE-2

BBE-1 concentrate for fats, oil and grease removal includes a mixture of non-bacterial active enzymes with a proprietary non-ionic surfactant package and catalyst.

BBE-2 concentrate is a blend of active non-bacterial enzymes for breaking down complex organics, thus helping the bacteria in their degradation and bringing about COD reduction.


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  • Cleaves complex organics
  • Improves water quality and settling
  • Decreases process upsets
  • Removes unpleasant odours
  • Achieves a balanced bacterial population
  • Reduces residual/refractory COD
  •   BBE-1 
  • Works even in environments with heavy oil and grease content
  • Acts as a wetting agent and emulsifier
  • Decreases maintenance issues
  • Enhances efficiency of aerobic and anaerobic biological systems

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