Questionnaire Plant Upgrade

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Company name*

Company address *

Contact details of the person making the service request

Name *

Telephone no. *

Email address *

Channel partner name

Channel partner number

Channel partner email Address

Characteristics of effluent streams

Flow (m3/day)

Turbidity (NTU)

Total suspended solids (mg/l)


Temperature (ºC)

Colour (Pt-Co)

BOD (5) (mg/l)

COD (mg/l)

Total dissolved solids (mg/l)

Hardness (mg/l)

Nitrates (mg/l)

Ammonia (if applicable) (mg/l)

Does your effluent contain

Antifoaming agents





Iron, Zinc, Chromium, Mercury, Cyanide, Cobalt etc.

End use of treated effluent

Discharge as per local regulations (Required quantity) (m3/day) *

Reuse for production (required quantity) (m3/day) *

Reuse for utilities (required quantity) (m3/day) *

Required characteristics of treated effluent streams

Turbidity (NTU)

Total suspended solids (mg/l)


Temperature (ºC)

BOD (mg/l)

COD (mg/l)

Total dissolved solids (mg/l)

Colour (Pt-Co)

TAN (mg/l)

Iron, Zinc, Chromium, Mercury, Cyanide, Cobalt etc. (mg/l)

Plant conditions

Power supply available (Volts)

Frequency (Hz)

Max. ambient temperature (ºC)

Min. ambient temperature (ºC)

Compressed air pressure (bar) (both columns)

Pressure (bar)

Altitude above mean sea level

seismic condition/zone

Operating preference


Existing treatment scheme
type .doc, docx or pdf only]

Sizes of existing equipment

Equalisation tank

Primary clarifier

Anaerobic digester

Aeration tank

Blower/surface aerator capacity & nos.

Secondary clarifier


Existing Plant performance

COD reduction across anaerobic digester

COD reduction across aeration tank

TSS at final outlet

MLSS maintained in anaerobic and aerobic tanks

DO level maintained in aerobic tanks

Challenges in existing system

Documentation availability

P & ID
 Yes No

Equipment layout
 Yes No

Design basis & process design documents
 Yes No

Equipment datasheets/sizing sheets
 Yes No

Operation manual
 Yes No

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