A.T.E. Private Limited

Headquartered at Mumbai, India, this is the holding company of the A.T.E. group.


A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited

Headquartered at Mumbai, India, A.T.E. Enterprises handles industrial sales, distribution and service in the domains of textile engineering, cooling solutions, wastewater solutions, energy efficiency solutions, flow technology, and print and packaging solutions and Internet of Things for industries.

A.T.E. Enterprises is also engaged in manufacturing/projects through the following Business Units:


Business Unit: EcoAxis

Located at Pune, India, EcoAxis provides IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for a range of industries.


Business Unit: HMX

Located at Bengaluru, India, HMX manufactures/provides comfort air conditioning products and solutions.


Business Unit: TeraSpin

Located at Ahmedabad, India, TeraSpin manufactures high precision spinning machinery components.


A.T.E. HUBER Envirotech Private Limited

Located at Mumbai, India, this company offers state-of-the-art comprehensive solutions for wastewater treatment, recycling, and sludge management, including ZLD.


Valence Electrons Private Limited

Located at Bengaluru, India, Valence provides a range of high quality electrostatic, ink handling, surface cleaning, and heat recovery solutions across several industry verticals.

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