S2E – Sludge2Energy

The sludge2energy process is a solution for sustainable waste management. Sludge mass is reduced to about 10% by energetically self-sufficient drying and incineration. The remaining ash is deposited on a separate site, thus permitting later recovery of its phosphorus content.

S2E – Sludge2Energy

S2E – Sludge2Energy

(for thermal utilisation of sludge)

The innovative sludge2energy process has been developed to utilise sewage sludge by an energy self-sufficient method. The process thermally utilises sewage sludge (at the wastewater treatment plant) by incineration. Co-generated power and heat are used for dryer operation. Other municipal waste, such as yard and park waste, screenings and compost residues, can be co-incinerated with dried sludge.

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  • A wide variety of municipal sewage sludges can be utilised thermally without the need for any external energy
  • Can be customised to suit site-specific conditions
  • Compact, modular, and functional design with minimal space requirements
  • Low investment and operational costs due to the optimised concept of thermal drying and utilisation
  • Optimal sewage sludge quantity and mass reduction
  • Reduction in sewage sludge transport cost
  • Production of recycling material that can be reused for the most part
  • Dry flue gas cleaning process without the need for water and without generation of wastewater
  • Fully automatic operation
  • High flexibility of sewage sludge utilisation
  • Production of phosphorus-rich sewage sludge ash, enables optional phosphorus recovery

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