Huber Solar Active Dryer SRT

The Huber Solar Active Dryer SRT is a unique combination of sludge turning and transport. This Solar Dryer ensures continuous drying with an even distribution of the sludge feed. Due to complete restacking of the sludge, the process is odourless.

Huber Solar Active Dryer SRT

Huber Solar Active Dryer SRT

The basic principle of the Huber SRT system is drying of sewage sludge in a glasshouse using the incident solar radiation. A special sludge turning system Huber Sludge Turner SOLSTICE® performs both spreading and turning of the sludge as well as its transport from one side to the other.
The sludge feeding options can be adjusted to suit customer-specific requirements. The dewatered sludge can be fed into the greenhouse either manually, i.e. with a wheel loader, or fully automatically by a distribution screw that utilizes the evaporation area optimally.
The dried sludge is discharged either into a trough, or by means of a belt conveyor directly into a container. Since the sludge is fed continuously, also units with a low throughput can be used for sludge dewatering.

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  • Sustainable, eco-friendly process
  • Best mixing and aeration of the complete sludge bed
  • Minimised odour development and dust formation due to effective back mixing
  • Optimised evaporation efficiency with low energy consumption
  • Unique combination of sludge turning and transport
  • Complete aeration of sludge
  • Automatic plant
  • Simple operating technology process at ambient temperature
  • Dry granulate with a low dust content, ideal for further reuse

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