HUBER Screenings Wash Press WAP®
HUBER Screenings Wash Press WAP®

HUBER Screenings Wash Press WAP®

The screenings to be treated are discharged directly from a screen or conveyor (e.g. screw conveyor) into the feed trough of the Wash Press. A robust conveying and compacting screw transports the screenings into the wash zone where they are exposed to directed and powerful turbulence created by the automatic introduction of wash water (used water). The turbulence achieves perfect separation of organic particles and thus effective screenings washing. The washed screenings are further conveyed in the rising pipe to the press zone where they are pressed and dewatered by the compacting screw to a DS content of 35 - 45%. The wash water from screenings compaction which is rich in carbon is discharged back into the waste water stream. The washed and compacted screenings are finally transported through the conical discharge pipe into a skip.

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  • Dewatering performance of up to 45% DR
  • Volume, weight, and disposal cost reduction by up to 75%
  • Screenings throughput capacity of up to 12 m³/h
  • Completely made of stainless steel (including the compacting screw)
  • Acid treated in a pickling bath for corrosion protection
  • Return of carbon-rich filtrate to the wastewater
  • Insensitive to coarse material
  • Screened wastewater or process water can be used as wash water
  • Flexible feed trough lengths
  • Fast payback due to great savings in transportation and disposal cost

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