Huber Membrane Filtration BioMem

An independent, decentralised, and sustainable solution for wastewater treatment. The Huber Membrane Filtration BioMem® has a modular and flexible design which makes it customisable for different local or individual requirements.

Huber Membrane Filtration BioMem®

Huber Membrane Filtration BioMem®

Available in different operation and installation options, the Huber Membrane Filtration BioMem® system can be used for both industrial as well as municipal applications. This compact unit meets the highest effluent quality requirements and can be used for applications such as sewage treatment systems in hotels, villages and residential complexes, or industry and business enterprises.

The HUBER Membrane Filtration BioMem® is a complete solution for decentralized wastewater treatment for small size plants. HUBER offers tailor-made systems for on-site solution of the customer’s wastewater problem – decentralised, independent, and sustainable. The modular, flexible design of the innovative HUBER BioMem® Compact MBR System is adjustable for different local conditions and individual requirements such as:

  • Sewage treatment system for hotels and other tourist facilities
  • Villages and residential developments
  • Industry and business enterprises

This system reduces fresh water consumption to 80%. The clarified water can directly be reused as service water. Decentralised wastewater treatment with membrane technology guarantees clean water of the highest quality where the connection to existing sewer systems is difficult to achieve and wherever there is a high demand for water recycling.

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  • Complete wastewater treatment concept for up to 3,000 PE
  • Maximum effluent quality due to membrane filtration that retains virtually all germs, suitable to be reused for irrigation
  • Comprehensive solution including mechanical treatment, biological process, and sludge treatment
  • Maximum process reliability with the option for fully automated operation
  • Mobile containerised units available
  • The decentralised solution eliminates the need for expensive sewer building work or modification of existing public sewers
  • Minimum space requirements due to the compact design and innovative SMBR process
  • Reduced fresh water demand due to water reuse
  • Modular design

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