HUBER Belt Thickener Drain Belt
HUBER Belt Thickener Drain Belt

HUBER Belt Thickener Drain Belt

The trough-shaped design of the feed reactor ensures the optimal conditioning and uniform distribution of the sludge over the full width of the travelling filter belt. The water filtered through the belt filter cloth drains off into collection troughs whilst the solids are retained on the filter belt. Chicanes furrow the sludge to facilitate drainage and support the production of a concentrated sludge cake. The initial thin sludge volume is reduced by approximately 85%. The sludge cake is discharged into a collection trough. A spray bar cleans the filter belt while it travels back.

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  • Sludge volume reduction up to 85%
  • Typical thickening results > 6 % DR
  • Minimised polymer consumption, normally only 2 – 3 g effective substance/kgDM
  • Low energy consumption
  • Belt filter cleaning with filtrate water as spray water
  • High specific throughput capacity up to 45 m³/h per metre of filter belt width
  • Encased thickener suitable for the treatment of strong-smelling sludge, protecting operators against harmful spray water aerosols
  • Designed for sludges with poor settling properties
  • Filtrate water can be used as spray water to wash the filter belt

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