Drum Screen LIQUID

The HUBER Drum Screen LIQUID is available in different designs and is suitable for numerous applications of solids-liquid separation. Depending on the specific application requirements the horizontal drum is covered with a mesh, wedge wire or perforated plate. It is suitable for channel or tank installation.

Drum Screen LIQUID

Drum Screen LIQUID

Drum Screen LIQUID, a reliable fine screen with maximum separation efficiency that ensures maximum retention of fibres and hair. It thus helps in increasing the operating reliability of membrane bioreactors and also helps to achieve maximum COD/BOD5 reduction rates. Drum Screen LIQUID is also used as a replacement for primary settlement tank.

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  • High throughput capacity – maximum separation efficiency
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operation costs
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • Optional high pressure cleaning reduces maintenance requirements
  • For channel or tank installation
  • Maximum corrosion protection through stainless steel design and acid treatment in a pickling bath

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