A well-proven treatment technology for textile wastewaters, AAA® drastically reduces the chemical consumption and sludge generation, while ensuring consistency in treated effluent quality as compared to conventional treatment processes.

AAA® Technology for Textile Effluent Treatment

AAA® Technology for Textile Effluent Treatment

AAA® technology is a highly successful innovation from A.T.E. that enhances biological treatment efficiency, reduces colour and minimises sludge generation for textile industry wastewaters. The technology reduces chemical consumption and sludge generation by almost 70% compared to the conventional treatment process and gives consistent treated effluent quality.

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  • Produces methane rich biogas, which can be used as fuel
  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) as a primary treatment to eliminate floating impurities (fibres) with low chemical consumption & sludge generation
  • Two-stage biological process: Reduces sludge by almost 70 percent, COD and colour by 85 percent, and plant footprint by 30 to 35 percent
  • Reduces overall power consumption by almost 25 percent
  • Consistent quality of treated wastewater

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