Solar sludge dryer for textile (SRT)

Solar sludge dryer for textile (SRT)

An innovative, eco-friendly, and economical solution for complete sludge management. This helps in drying of sewage sludge in a glasshouse using incident solar radiation. It is a unique combination of sludge turning and transport, continuous drying process, and even distribution of the sludge feed.

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  • Designed for highest evaporation rates, thereby providing efficient drying
  • Increased heating value: 8-12 MJ/Kg (5 times more than dewatered organic sludge)
  • Dried sludge granules are clean and easy to handle
  • Easy, economic operation
  • Best mixing and aeration of the sludge
  • High sludge aeration and mixing capacity
  • Reduced odour and dust
  • Stable and easy to store product
  • Turning device designed for a low greenhouse (economic building) is possible

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