A.T.E. Envirotech offers scientifically designed reverse osmosis plants that help recovering valuable water from treated effluent. RDRO is a unique combination of an ultrafine gravity filter followed by reverse osmosis. 



RDRO provides simplified operation and continuous filtration without loss of time for back washing. RDRO technology also reduces the overall space requirements, backwash water volume, and power consumption. About 80-95 percent of the treated water can be recycled back for process to achieve zero liquid discharge (ZLD). The reject stream can be treated in an evaporator and dryer.

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  • High throughput with a small footprint
  • Gravity system with low headloss
  • No need of external washwater supply
  • Low energy and maintenance requirements
  • Low operating costs
  • Robustly engineered recycle systems for maximum recovery and enhanced membrane life
  • Evaporators and dryers (MEE and ATFD) for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

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