Food and Dairy

AVR-HDF® is designed to handle dairy and food industry wastewater that is high in fats, proteins and edible oils.

AVR-HDF® Technology for Food and Dairy Effluents

AVR-HDF® Technology for Food and Dairy Effluents

AVR-HDF® is a unique combination of anaerobic reactor and DAF which helps in effective degradation of fats, proteins, and edible oils. This technology uses efficient jet mixing, instead of mechanical mixers, for uniform mixing of effluent inside the reactor. The process is designed to handle high MLSS concentration up to 15000ppm.

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  • Biogas generation coupled with engine makes the treatment virtually energy neutral
  • High degree of mixing per unit of expended energy
  • Jet mixers provide efficient mixing of reactor contents. No in-basin moving parts
  • Effectively degrades fats, proteins and edible oils
  • Unique combination of processes that ensures fat degradation
  • Reduced power consumption and sludge generation
  • Very low maintenance

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