Chemical and Petrochemical

The well-proven AHR technology is suitable for the treatment of challenging wastewaters such as those from chemical and petrochemical industries.

AHR Technology for Chemical and Petrochemical Effluents

AHR Technology for Chemical and Petrochemical Effluents

AHR is a unique combination of two anaerobic treatment technologies that improves solid retention and enhances treated water quality.

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  • Anaerobic AHR process to degrade complex organic pollutants
  • Reactors contain media with large surface area for solids retention
  • Anoxic stage for treatment of ammoniacal nitrogen
  • The AHR process combines the advantages of suspended as well as attached growth processes and allows for high organic loading rates
  • Reduced power consumption due to anaerobic-aerobic combination
  • Robustly engineered UF and RO recycle systems for maximum recovery and enhanced membrane life
  • Consistent quality of treated wastewater
  • Evaporators and dryers (MEE and ATFD) for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)
  • Reduced sludge generation

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