The 2 stage anaerobic-aerobic biological process of this packaged plant enhances treatment efficiency. The treatment process takes place in a single capsule, and requires virtually no civil construction, resulting in almost 40% savings in space. The anaerobic-aerobic treatment additionally offers almost 50% savings in power costs, compared to conventional systems.

Packaged Sewage Treatment

Packaged Sewage Treatment

(Single tank sewage treatment plants)

The treatment process comprising of separation, sedimentation, anaerobic-aerobic biological stage, biomass settling, and disinfection – all combined in a single FRP tank. The combination of anaerobic-aerobic biological system results in high removal of BOD and total nitrogen in the treated stream. The air pumps used for aeration employ a perfectly balanced vibration mechanism, allowing a virtually noiseless and long-term continuous operation.

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  • 2-stage anaerobic-aerobic treatment process
  • Compact
  • Single FRP tank design
  • Modular construction
  • Uses linear air pump for aeration
  • Enhanced treated water quality
  • 30% power saving
  • No objectionable odour
  • Saves almost 40% space
  • Virtually no civil construction
  • Long life
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Above or underground installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Exceptionally low noise operation

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