Working with A.T.E. HUBER Envirotech

As a trusted brand with a rich experience of nearly two decades, A.T.E. HUBER Envirotech offers you an unmatched experience in the wastewater treatment industry. You can be assured of challenging projects, inspirational role models, a culture that provides work-life balance and the best of training to develop yourself. More importantly, you will discover yourself in a challenging and fulfilling environment that demands the best from you while giving you the best in return.

At AHET you will hear compelling stories of brilliant engineers, MBAs and other professionals, who joined at junior levels and have successfully climbed the corporate ladder. Many have spent a better part of their working lives at AHET simply because working with AHET is satisfying on all accounts.

HR practices

At AHET people matter

Employees are its biggest strength and AHET endeavors to provide a challenging and fulfilling work environment. Every effort is made by way of investment in capacity building, learning and development to scale up competency level. The organization attracts and nurtures talent through HR best practices such as:

  • Performance Management System
    Performance Management System
  • Transparency & openness
    Transparency & openness
  • Learning and development
    Learning and development
  • 360 feedback
    360 feedback
  • Mentoring
  • Higher Study Scheme
    Higher Study Scheme



Beyond statutory compliances…

AHET has some of the best practices in the industry which goes way beyond statutory compliances. Its core values of Care, Commitment, Openness and Innovation form the base of all the welfare practices, policies and procedures which truly encourage work-life balance like:

  • Flexi-Reporting Time
    Flexi-Reporting Time
  • facility of working From Home
    facility of working From Home
  • mandatory availing of privilege Leave
    mandatory availing of privilege Leave
  • Sponsored annual health check-ups
    Sponsored annual health check-ups
  • Additional Insurance Covers
    Additional Insurance Covers
  • Employee Assistance Program
    Employee Assistance Program



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