AHR-P is a proven technology, developed in-house by A.T.E., for the treatment of complex wastewaters from pharmaceutical industries.

AHR-P Technology for Pharmaceutical Effluents

AHR-P Technology for Pharmaceutical Effluents

A.T.E.'s well-proven AHR-P technology for the treatment of complex pharmaceutical wastewaters is a unique combination of two anaerobic treatment technologies that improves solids retention and enhances treated water quality.

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  • Consistent quality of treated wastewater
  • Robustly engineered UF and RO recycle systems for maximum recovery and enhanced membrane life
  • Reduced power consumption due to anaerobic-aerobic combination
  • Reduced sludge generation
  • Anoxic stage for treatment of ammoniacal nitrogen
  • AHR-P process allows for high organic loading rates
  • Reactors contain media with large surface area for solids retention
  • Anaerobic AHR-P process to degrade difficult-to-treat organic pollutants
  • Evaporators and dryers (MEE and ATFD) for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

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